We’re KTS
Private Limited

KTS ( Kochukunnil Trade & Services Private Limited ) is an independent trading company which is globally active in food and physical energy markets. We have approved import/export license (IEC) from Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) for trading worldwide. We also have a representative office based in Singapore.
Our focus area is to create and enhance stakeholder value. Three key areas we look to create value in our portfolio businesses are:
1. Execution:
Successful execution is pivotal to creating business value. We are committed to deliver what we promise and we don’t promise what we can’t deliver. Consequently, execution is given utmost importance in finalization of business model. Our extensive monitoring of macro trends and consequent overhaul of our business strategies and operations has put our products and services at the forefront in the market.
2. Management:
We adopt a ‘person-centric’ management approach to strategy and performance and in special situations where sustained leadership is required. All our team members add value to our product and services. We actively support in cost optimization to invigorate value-creation. This often includes drive for sustainable solution, leveraging our industry knowledge &accessing our global network of resources while utilizing the in-house resources to the optimum level.
3. Sustainable Growth :
Our business approach significantly ensures sustainable growth. To do so, we focus on triple Ps (People, Planet and Profit) in all we do. We adopt a patient approach to investing in our people, enhance competitiveness, improve operating efficiencies, make strategic collaborations to achieve sustainable growth and thereby maximize stakeholder value. Along with our banking partners, we create innovative financing structures that give us a competitive advantage.
KTS operates efficiently, safely, to serve customers' needs and expectations by providing competitive solutions whilst maintaining health, environmental and local/international standards. We have been supporting educational needs of poor and needy children of Annamanada village for more than a decade. We are committed to give back to society and communities, being a responsible corporate citizen.